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Transportation and Logistics Software Development Services

Custom logistics software solutions improve the supply chain management process through effective inventory management and the ability to track and record order fulfillment. But to give you a ball-park number for the cost of custom logistics software development, the cost varies between $30-$40k. Custom software is developed with a particular business case in mind and is designed to perfectly fit all the processes of the company.

custom logistics software

There are various types of apps and software solutions with different business models, and thus, their features and goals will be different. As a logistics software development company, MindK can build a digital solution that connects multiple systems into a single network, ensuring 100% visibility for all stakeholders in supply https://globalcloudteam.com/ chains. The mobile applications designed and developed at Orases for companies in the logistics industry are not only highly secure, but are designed to increase the efficiency of internal operations. Our responsive and well-optimized mobile applications improve workflow processes, while maintaining a high level of security.

Logistics & Transportation Software Development

Sensor technologies have been around for a long time, and many industries are utilizing them. Sensors, including RFID and IoT, help T&L companies in several areas of business. For example, by using RFID sensors, the warehouses can automate the process of counting the number of units/goods in stock. And sensors like IoT level monitoring can help in knowing the stock of liquid inventory. Hire experienced and creative web and mobile app developers who will help your business outgrow the competition.

Logistics mobile applications revolutionize the complete supply chain system. Offering more flexibility and ensuring better scalability, logistics companies are quite proactive in adopting mobile apps. We understand that a responsive and user-friendly app helps all the key players in the logistics industry to deliver their services timely and accurately. Our experienced app developers can build customer-centric apps using industry-driven technological solutions. We assure our custom apps are reliable, secured, and offer an unbeatable experience.

Releasing a half-empty truck from your warehouse is like paying for delivering air! All the company’s contractors now have access to a single module, where the company posts its orders for delivery. Every contractor has an opportunity to offer a price logistics software development for a particular route. The system automatically selects the most profitable bid and arranges the loading. Let us take a closer look at various features of logistics software and explore the benefits of implementing these in the usual workflow.

custom logistics software

We also build advanced Transportation Management Systems and top Warehouse and Inventory Management Systems, etc. Andersen’s customer are ever-ready to quickly respond to changes by using technology to improve customer experience and win trust. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Use the power of artificial intelligence to create applications that can predict demand, modify orders, and re-route in-transit goods to warehouses where needed. With AI-powered applications warehousing, predictive analytics, smart reporting and intelligent forecasting will evolve to the next level.

We analyze your existing software to define its bottlenecks and inefficiencies. Based on the findings, we modernize your system so it can meet your business goals.

Custom Inventory and Order Management Solutions

Development of an MVP version of a mobile app that can track the drivers working hours and provide the payment for the performed work. Use blockchain to reliably secure your transactions, data and internal processes worldwide in real-time, helping enterprises safely oversee their whole business and store information. As experts said, and I quote, “Your software solution should align with your business process, not the other way around.” Hence, you shouldn’t just adopt a rigid logistics solution. The logistics solution should be aligned to your business process accordingly. Module that allows control, planning and follow-up of all Freight Forwarder, Courier, warehousing and in-process inventory operations.

Those involved in logistics will have to work with the software, and the program will track and analyze their productivity, and notify you if the performance of an employee needs your attention. When a breakdown occurs, an employees can scan a QR code on the tool to get immediate instructions to make the repair. If the repair requires professional skills, the software can automatically notify the maintenance team that help is needed in the particular area. We had to face the same problem when we developed a logistics system for our client, UDK Gazbeton, a producer of aerated concrete blocks. We decided to strengthen their logistics software with a helpful feature — a tender system.

He is sitting alone in his office on a Friday evening, with all of his staff have left for the weekend after commemorating this momentous day. Before starting any project we will confirm understandings and validate the scope of the proposal to move on to the tasks of assembling your solution. Secondly, the software minimizes the human factor and therefore reduces calculation errors, which in turn reduces the financial risks.

Planning equipment maintenance

Such systems save your precious time searching for suppliers and tenders based on set parameters. We’ll test the solution with external users and internally, and then we’ll summarize and deliver results. MindK is a place where innovation and automation are working together to build a better future for people and businesses. Our team can customize your TMS with automated order entry, overview, and tendering. Velvetech has made a significant improvement in our peace of mind in terms of IT support.

  • Supply chain and logistics companies create numerous documents every single day.
  • Today, the logistics and supply chain industry is affected by multiple challenges.
  • Get the most out of your custom software by working with Orases to develop a product strategy that will yield the best results before and after deployment.
  • Our tech solutions drive logistics and supply chain operations and facilitate the management of materials, goods, freight, orders, and inventory.
  • This will give them limitless functionality to experiment and design a solution that primes them for success.
  • Calling the driver or the client to ask about the current delivery status takes time, costs money, and more important, distracts employees from their current work.
  • Next, you will need to select a technology platform for building a custom solution.

Transportation is the backbone of the global economy, and is a necessity for all the industries. The transportation and logistics industry is always keen to adopt technologies to streamline their operations. Many transporters prefer using fleet management solutions while others are opting for custom logistics software development.

Testing and Quality Assurance

Streamline processes and workflows for businesses in the logistics industry. Increase revenue and automate workflows using intuitive logistics and supply chain solutions. We offer staff augmentation services for you to extend your in-house team and fill the gaps in certain IT resources. This option suits you well if you lack some tech expertise to deliver a project. Artificial intelligence and machine learning tools empower the software so it can address even the most challenging goals of transport and logistics business.

custom logistics software

Multi-user portal – e.g. portal for logistics managers, supplier dedicated portal, an app for delivery executives, etc. We create Custom Software and Logistics Solutions that helps integrate all facets of your business, with a single investment and 100% scalable to the growth of your business. Welcome to Software Streets, we are an online marketplace that offers you a chance to buy and sell various business-related software’s.

Have a project in mind?

This allowed to reduce the time needed to ship products and enabled companies to cut the logistics costs. The branch realized that implementing the latest inventions can have a positive financial impact. IT in general and software development for logistics in particular has changed lots of businesses around the world, and the process keeps going.

8 Effective Ways to Increase Your Supply Chain’s Velocity – Global Trade Magazine

8 Effective Ways to Increase Your Supply Chain’s Velocity.

Posted: Tue, 08 Nov 2022 10:04:04 GMT [source]

Fulfill customers’ expectations from formulation to implementation with the help of our custom logistics software development services. We develop Order Management Systems that automate the coordination of entire order execution from order collection, inventory, delivery visibility to product availability. Next, you will need to select a technology platform for building a custom solution.

Navigation systems & GPS

As an agile team of software engineering experts, we help logistics and transportation companies resolve their challenges with our industry-specific expertise and flexibility. Providing a full range of Logistics services, we help you create best-in-class software solutions for your business that perfectly fit your needs. Reducing logistics costs is often the number one priority for any business. Mobile apps play a vital role in optimizing the supply chain and saving costs for the company. The apps help club’s members to get legal and technical support in emergency situations.


OSP’s custom logistics mobile app development services include an advanced tracking system, user-friendly interface, communication system, and scheduling tools. We provide custom software development services for transportation and logistics companies to help them keep up with the evolving needs of the industry. Although the upfront cost to start using off-the-shelf logistics software solutions is low, the cost will accumulate to an enormous amount in the longer run. However, it is still better for some small-scale transportation and logistics businesses to try off-the-shelf logistics software solutions and realize the benefits. Almost every transportation and logistics software solution provides key performance indicators on cost per mile and shipping units. This delivery performance monitoring helps managers to improve their service quality.

Supply Chain Management Software

Get a tailor-made project from scratch with our industry-specific experience and dedicated team. But if you need a solution for your specific business requirements, custom logistics software development should be your pick. Custom-built solutions tend to be perfect for mitigating specific challenges for enterprises. Fleet management solutions are for transportation and courier delivery businesses that want to manage their fleet via mobile and web apps. These software solutions allow fleet managers to access all the information related to their vehicles and deliveries in real-time. SaaS logistics products attract with low price and are a compromise solution for small businesses which want to experience the benefits of improved logistics processes.

Implementing these CMMS features can improve the reliability of your equipment by 35% to 50%. But any company can save 12-18% by implementing preventive maintenance instead of repairing equipment after breakdowns have occured. When teams approach Andersen to find reliable IT experts, they always get what they need. We tried another company that one of our partners had used but they didn’t work out.

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